Pseudonym Records is the leading high quality re-issue label for the Benelux market, covering all genres of popular music since the 1950s – rock, folk, singer-songwriter, punk, beat, psychedelica, indie, blues, progressive, symphonic…

Each release is carefully compiled (with bonus tracks) and re-mastered (to ensure the highest possible sound quality) with deluxe packaging consisting of colour booklets, with rare photos and memorabilia, and extensive liner notes by leading music writers as standard.

Since 1992 Pseudonym has released CD’s by legendary Dutch bands such as Kayak, Motions, Outsiders, Jan Akkerman, Q65, Tielman Brothers, Finch, Cosmic Dealer, Clan Of Xymox, Cargo, Livin' Blues, Bodine, Gruppo Sportivo, Brainbox, Helloïse, Group 1850, Picture, Zipps, Dream, Vengeance and many, many others… Including the British acts The Sweet and Smile (the forerunner of Queen). Apart from being a devotee of Dutch groups Van Vuuren was namely also a huge fan of Glam Rock - a passion he emphasizes with these releases.

Pseudonym also released Deluxe Box Sets from Tielman Brothers, BZN, Finch and Normaal amongst others. There were even chart successes with compilations by Normaal and BZN - exceptional for re-releases. Pseudonym attracted notice with their Legendary 180 grams vinyl series, whereby legendary albums such as The Outsiders’ C.Q., Group 1850’s Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth and Q65’s Revolution were made available for the true vinyl fan again.

Label PSEUDONYM - Zoezoe Records

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