Cover of vinyl record ZABAYA by artist AZNA DE L'ADER



LP - SAHEL SOUNDS - - WORLD - In stock
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Archival recordings from Niger’s seminal psych outfit, Azna de L’Ader. Intense shrieking solos, fuzzed out guitar, and hypnotic crashing drums, Azna de L'Ader was not only the first rock band in Niger but possibly the most psychedelic. This is West Africa’s answer to Zamrock. 

Led by Niger guitar legend Mona - known for his Hendrix inspired outfits and guitar playing - Azna plays in a style deeply indebted to Western rock, but infused with local rhythms. The name Azna is a reference to the pre-Islamic animist religions of central Niger, and the trance inducing music of the Bori possession cults. 

Playing in their home country for 40 years and one of the first generation of modern music in Niger, Azna de L'Ader lived in a remote region and never released any recordings until now. This compilation highlights some of their only recordings left, compiled from the remaining archives of one of Niger's most famous unknown bands.

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