Cover of vinyl record LIVE by artist BEAR BONES, LAY LOW / POLONIUS



Cassette - RANDOM NUMBERS - - PSYCHEDELIC - In stock
€ 16,00

On the 19th of October 2021 Random Numbers Invited Bear Bones, Lay Low and Polonius to play at the Circolo Dev. The show was recorded and we decided to share it on a cassette.
Side A is a shamanic potion cooked by improvisation artist Bear Bones, Lay Low. 45 minutes of slow brewing of hypnotic sounds originated from tapes, synths and various effects. A meditating process that slowly morphs into a tribal dance that ends with estatic liberation.
On side B 37 minutes of the magical improvisation of Polonius, that after a slow spelling brings you in to his world of samples and repetition, in a schizophrenic representation of modern world. A live composed on a laptop and a keyboard where every sample is played live.
Only a limited number of copies available on tape to bring back the original sound of the performance.

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