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What kind folks have said
“An absolutely epic fucking performance from Black Helium who were heavy as fuck and destroyed my already fragile mind with their Flying V twin attack sounding like Sabbath, Black Angels, Hawkwind and The Sweet battling in a monster riff shop.”
Spencer Hickman - Death Waltz Records / Transmission Records

“Just when you think you might be getting a handle on this band they hit you with ‘Curtains at the Mausoleum’. With it’s slow lilting start and strung out arrangement which grabs you gently yet firmly and takes you off into the psychedelic clouds of unknowing as the matter from the explosions of a thousand rock planets coalesce into a ten minute epic which will just have you gasping as you take in the broad vista presented in front of you. Then it intensifies to the extent that you think your head’s going explode before bringing you down in an analgesic descant that kinda leaves you in a quivering mess on the floor. Next level… next dimension, and I never even got to mention the sitar.”

Primitive Fuck is one of those albums which has seemingly come from nowhere, yet carries all the hallmarks of a future classic.

‘Primitive Fuck’, is a riff fuelled monster of an album, that is like the freaky mutant kid spawned by the mad coupling of The Sweet and Hawkwind. It’s not all warped glam, there is plenty of Stoogian scuzziness and krautrock influenced psych on offer as well. It’s obvious that these guys know what they are doing and, they put on a helluva show which makes perfect sense because they have made a helluva album.
dayz of purple and orange

A comprehensive, very well-written, and multifaceted album, Primitive Fuck may be misleadingly titled in some ways, but in others it somehow suits the music and the band. Either way, there’s so much potential for this to be a cult hit that it hurts. Get in on the action first, and get to know Black Helium. Very highly recommended.

Primitive Fuck is not your most straightforward Heavy Rock album. However it doesn't need to be.
As Black Helium are creating a new style of Doom/Stoner Rock. The album is highly experimental but there is a lot of hidden delights and surprises that will impress the most jaded of Doom/Stoner Rock fan. This album is a triumph and proves that Black Helium deserve all the plaudits coming their way.
Words by Steve Howe, Outlaws Of The Sun

Quite frankly this is what you need in your life as a matter of urgent necessity right now, a new hulking stereophonic shroomer from Black Helium courtesy of those taste making folk over at Riot Season. A debut album no less, alas the information is a little scant, but word has it that ‘primitive fuck’ is pencilled in to land sometime late July. For now, the smoking ‘curtains at the mausoleum’ has just been sent ahead on scouting duties, a 9 minute chemically hazed colossus of mind morphing intent tripping third eye astral planes all the time crafting out a mesmeric mosaic of subliminal head messaging via slo-mo psych dream machine dissipates which all said ought to see it comfortably filed between your Cheval Sombre and Fuxa treasures.

Black Helium are a four-piece formed in 2016 at the notoriously heady Guild Navigator club in East London, and have since then, spread their sonic gumbo of hard-edged psychedelic head-fuckery and Neanderthal glam rock swagger across the country.
Heavy friends Stuart Gray (vocals/guitar), Beck Harvey (vocals/bass) Davey Mulka (guitar) and Ben Davies (drums) went on to record their debut, ‘Primitive Fuck’, at Hermitage Studios with Margo Broom in March 2017. Ben Davies, the drummer, disappeared abruptly, just after recording his drum tracks, having had a ‘profound life-changing mystical occurrence’.
Influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, The Sweet, Amon Düül II and The Stooges; Primitive Fuck channels an era when psychedelic rock stood for mind expanding eclecticism, and hip shaking sonic hedonism in equal measure, moving from motor city heroism, to shapeless Kosmische ambient ego-death via space ritual riff worship. Now, with new drummer, Diogo Gomes on board, ‘Primitive Fuck’ represents the birth of a band your psychiatrist warned you about.

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