Cover of vinyl record DE VERKEERDE FOUT by artist BOROKOV BOROKOV



LP - ROTKAT - - SYNTH POP - In stock
€ 25,95

Ask the members of Borokov Borokov to say something about their new album De Verkeerde Fout (The Wrong Mistake), and they will answer you that it is the best record they have ever made. And then something about sliced white bread or dry shampoo. No, you don't get much wiser when the trio has to interpret or analyze themselves and their unconventional, asymmetrically bouncing synthpop.

Two years after their album with the significant title Enkel Duetten (Only Duets), Arne Omloop, Boris Van den Eynden, and Noah Melis have again invited a motley collection of guests. Besides Dutch, you can now also hear Japanese, Slavic pronunciations, English words, and Dutch dialects – wriggled between the beats and melodies. Maybe these participants do have something (un)sensible to say about De Verkeerde Fout and BB's freaky universe?

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