Cover of vinyl record THE GIFT OF REPETITION by artist BRANDY



LP - TOTAL PUNK - - PUNK - In stock
€ 25,50

"New York's Brandy are back with their sophomore LP and first for TOTAL PUNK! "The Gift of Repetition" is an eight track study in just that; loud, plodding and rhythmic. It will have you bobbing your head till it breaks clean off your neck! The band share vocal duties, often chanting over each other, with lyrics that are singular in vision; bleak with a grin. There's synth on a few tracks, with mind-melting results! When the only other bands that come to mind are A-Frames, Lamps and Mayyors, you are obviously doing something right. Pulsing, throbbing, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!" -Richie

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