Cover of vinyl record HAMMERED by artist BRIGGS, JACKSON REID & THE HEATERS



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JRB&H have always been a band that has a deceptively strong understanding of their own sound. It’s wild and deranged, but there’s a scary intelligence, lurking behind the madness and it’s aware of every bit of the history that led us to where we are. As such, Hammered, though even more crushingly wrecked than in the past, is a subtle and astute development on what’s come before. Do you need more unexpectedly clever, crushing noise in your life? This is where to get it. - Chris Cobcroft, 4zzz

But Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters get you "Hammered", it’s a thing of perennial excellence, an ordeal that makes you stronger, better, all the attributes you thought that slab of Southwark Premium was going to do.

There’s a school of thought that Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters are the best thing going in the Melbourne rock’n’roll scene at the moment. Someone told me that in a pub, so it must be true. And if you don’t believe, get “Hammered”. - Patrick Emery, i94 Bar

Hammered is - to not put it mildly - an onslaught. The band bombard us with their wall of noise, battling guitars and dizzying drums making it no surprise that Briggs’ vocal often sounds distinctively strained in its attempt to be heard. There is no let up for the listener, the energy constantly at a feverish pace. The LP is so raw and raucous that it could be one of those rare releases to match its live performance for vitality. - Coner Lochrie, Trouble Juice

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