Cover of vinyl record BRUK1 by artist FFT



12 inch - BRUK - - ELECTRONIC - In stock
€ 14,90

Smart opening statement from futurist sound system label Bruk, throwing down FFT’s agile 150bpm rhythms somewhere between Rian Treanor and Ilian Tape styles

“The first transmission comes from FFT, the latest alias from accomplished producer Josh Thompson. Thompson established the Super Hexagon label with long time friends J. Wiltshire and Arthur Scott-Geddes and he’s also released on heritage label R&S (as Alma Construct) and the excellent offbeat techno upstarts Power Vacuum, and more recently developed the FFT moniker via essential drops on The Trilogy Tapes as well as Super Hexagon. Thompson helps launch BRUK with a two-pronged attack that shows off the breadth of his artistic scope. The lead 12” is a dynamic club release that pivots between razor-sharp drum programming, hyphy synth acrobatics, breakbeat science and dub-loaded atmospheres. If there’s one constant that runs through all Thompson’s work, it’s a resounding confidence with melody, and that comes through even in the rowdy chops of “Month” – a track that exudes hope even in its gnarliest bars. From the dreadweight minimalism of “Fask” to the expansive electronica shock out of “Sacrifice (The Truth Mix)”, this is a head-twisting release that feeds into the vital new energy reverberating around the 150+ axis.”

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