Cover of vinyl record CHRISTMAS 1979 by artist CHILDISH, BILLY -WILD-



7 inch - CARGO DUITSLAND - - CHRISTMAS - In stock
€ 8,50

Every year Damaged Goods tries to put out a Christmas single and 2007 on a very hot June day they asked Mr Childish if he fancied doing a whole album of Christmas themed tune.

He did and in early August the Christmas 1979 album was complete. It includes a mixture of brand new songs and reworked classics from the Childish catalogue.

This year's best christmas single is the title track "Christmas 1979" and it's backed with an exclusive b-side called "Ho Ho" and comes on festive green and red vinyl, limited to 2000 copies.

It is not only Damaged Goods favourite track on the album but also maybe one of the best recordings Billy Childish has ever done.

The song is recounting one particularly harrowing Christmas in Billy's life. Merry fucking christmas!

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