Cover of vinyl record RODE PRUIK by artist COOLHAVEN



10 inch - RED WIG - - EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC - In stock
€ 23,00

Coolhaven's 10 inch vinyl release ‘RODE PRUIK’, with covers of de Rondo's and combined with a 24 page comic book-style artwork by De Rondos' Johannes van de Weert. 
(will be ready to send at 12 sept.17)

At this special release Coolhaven perform covers of both De Rondos and Tandstickorshocks, next to other obscure material. Johannes made an appearance in his own right alongside his old Rondos bandmates (and those from Tandstickorshocks), as ‘Rode Pruik’ is a reworking of old hits from both bands. According to Coolhaven’s Lukas Simonis, “The reworking is done with a Gabber feel, which suited those songs like a glove".

The comic is a trip guided by Johannes his new alter ego 'Biggo' around avant garde history, politics and underground related to the history of Rotterdam and De Rondo's in it's timeframe, developing itself to the contemporary situation and Coolhaven's Rotterdam. 

Coolhaven is "a flexible group that flows in a realistic-capitalistic manner if needed and dries up where fluid is redundant.”

Johannes van de Weert was a cartoonist in the Rotterdam punk and squatter movements of the 1980s next to being the vocalist of the influential Rotterdam-based punk band De Rondos (1977 - 1980). He started self-publishing comic booklets in the late 1970s and famously created the 'Redrat' character for the fanzine 'Raket' in 1980, which soon became an icon for the squatter's movement.

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