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As one of the most sonically challenging and visually unique bands of their generation, Daufødt swept the floor of the underground with their debut “1000 Island” and won a Norwegian Grammy in the ROCK category. They could easily become the NEXT BIG NAME IN ROCK, but – no thanks! got other things to do. Instead, the Daufødt-gang circled back to the underground, hooked up with Lasse Marhaug, associated Sunn0)))-member and recent producer of Jenny Hval and Thurston Moore.

On their upcoming sophmore album “Aromaterapi”, Marhaug has challenged the band on all levels and pumped them into ABSOLUTE SONIC MAYHEM-mode, giving associations to similar noise-rock-mongers as Napalm Death, Swans, The Body and Årabrot. Likewise, the scorning lyrics of the debut that made local billionaires spam singer Annika with self-righteous messenges has been sharpened into something even more destructive and dangerous.

When we now can announce the first single from the album, one thing is for sure: Daufødt has big amps, but even bigger ambitions. “Knekken” (translated: “the crack, like in cracking you teeth..)

The dictionary describes to crack like this: “to break something so that it does not separate, but very thin lines appear on its surface”.Daufødt, on the other hand, shows us that the crack, Knekken, is the musical equivalent of being hit by a freight train full of decibels. The crack is about getting your snout crushed, regardless of the direction of the sky, and with an unknown sender.

Daufødt consists of bassist Eskild Myrvoll (Mall Girl, Kanaan, Blodkvalt), vocalist, visual artist and designer Annika Linn Verdal Homme, guitarist Eirik Albrethsen Reithaug and drummer Mads Antonsen Gerzić.

The band says: “This album is cleary something else than the first album. It’s harder, faster and more violent – and made to better fit the times we live in. The first album was written in 2019, while Aromatherapi was written in 2021, when the world looked quite different. The bold creative choices we have made with Lasse are made not to be naive, but to actually be honest with ourselves and the audience about how things really are.”

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