Cover of vinyl record MUTILA  - (2020 remaster) by artist DELAY, VLADISLAV


MUTILA - (2020 remaster)

€ 25,25

Multila was the third album by Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti under the moniker Vladislav Delay. It compiles the "Huone" and "Ranta" 12"EPs Ripatti released on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction label in 1999 and 2000. The album features six hauntingly murky dub ambient tracks and the impressive 22-minute techno odyssey "Huone."
20 years after its original release as a full-length CD album (Chain Reaction), these timeless recordings of modern electronic music are now finally available for the first time as a double vinyl edition.

"Life films us exactly. Our experience of it, though, lies beyond images and descriptions. Emotions, coming in irrational flashes, are non-figurable. We lose our little connection to them very quickly. We look for forms which promise to take us to our own experience. We construct forms with this in mind: that they can take us to meet the subconscious.
Multila's construction is principled this way. Fragments of experience, moments without definition or localisation are captured within tiny fragments of time and then within one's mindspace. We can look into it and see that experience has left some of its data to us. As we receive it, again and again, we are connected and reconnected to certain indefinable moments. Both during and after its recording, Multila is a tool to learn about the unintentional states of us. It is a way to see our own emotional loops. Multila is a soundtrack for vision." - Vladislav Delay in the year 2000

Remaster by Rashad Becker & vinyl cut by Kassian Troyer at D&M. Drawings by Kaisa Kemikoski. Layout by Marco Ciceri.

The label Keplar has been on a long hiatus and is now back with its KeplarRev series presenting vinyl re-issues of essential electronic albums from the 90's and 00's, as well as new recordings by momentous electronic and ambient artists. 


released March 20, 2020

"Instead of depending on the overt crackling static and digital hiccups that made clicks and cuts contemporaries like Pole and Oval so popular, Ripatti dug deeper and discovered sounds whose origins are unknown and recondite ... Multila is a fundamental document of modern electronic music." - Brainwashed

"Multila is an album drenched in murky reverb and cavernous production, elongated 4/4 variations that revolve around heavy bass transitions and wired synths, mangled up with Delay's signature sound, floating between stripped Techno and beatless washes of sound so dense Thomas Koner would be proud ... the finest album in the hugely impressive Delay canon." - Boomkat

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