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Brussels-based power trio Don Kapot are set to release their rousing new album ‘I Love Tempo’ on the 15 th September via W.E.R.F.
Records – NEWS distribution.
A lifeboat of free jazz, afrobeat and krautpunk sailed by Giotis Damianidis (bass), Viktor Perdieus (baritone saxophone) and Jakob
Warmenbol (drums), the album follows the release of their critically acclaimed 2022 album ‘Un Peu Live’ recorded with Dutch multi-
instrumentalist, vocalist and composer Fulco Ottervanger, and described by Bandcamp Daily as a ‘very fun mix of modern jazz and
Don Kapot strike hard with their fourth album, mixed and co-produced by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof). Using a wide range of
instruments, they evolve their sound into a solid complex rhythmic wave, shaken by demented samples and punk attitude.

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