Cover of vinyl record IN SEARCH OF highs - volume three by artist ELECTRIC MOON/TERMINAL CH


IN SEARCH OF highs - volume three

€ 23,75

Electric Moon, the German psychedelic space rock trio formed in 2009 by Sula Bassana, Komet Lulu, and Pablo Carneval are a much loved trio on the underground psych scene. Their vinyl releases sell out almost instantly, i know as i’m one of those eagerly awaiting and ordering them all myself. On their side of this split, the band take the basis of a live recording from Berlin in 2018 and tweak it into what it is now, an epic near 22 minute ‘Beacon Light Hereafter’. Another stunning addition to the bands vast back catalogue. The band come over to the UK in July for some very rare shows : 

London’s Terminal Cheesecake formed way back in 1988, quickly establishing themselves as a legendary underground band releasing numerous well received albums and the support of John Peel amongst others. The band, like many of the era eventually burned out before remerging in 2013 with a new line up. Terminal Cheesecake circa 2019, featuring Russ Smith, Horseloaf Horseloafson, Neil Von Fish, Dave Cochrane, Johnny J Beat release an new album 'Le Sacre Du Lièvre' on May 10th via Box Records. Their contribution here is two songs long 'Fake Loop' and 'Song For John Part 2', baked in fuzz and swirling distortion. It's a totally different type of high from the Electric Moon side. Whereas the latter go on a spaced out cosmic trip, the Cheesecake side is more of an earthy, dark but equally glorious ride. 

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