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Durban's 23 year-old producer Emo Kid'S debut EP, 'Gqomtera', through Gqom Oh! on September 22nd. The record actually explores Sgubhu - a strain of South African dance music that shares many stylistic parallels with Gqom, though is always written with a 4x4 beat.

Like DJ Lag before him, an artist widely considered the king of Gqom, Emo Kid is also considered a pioneer in Durban.

At eight tracks long, Gqomtera' provides a comprehensive overview of the Sgubhu sound, with the aim of taking the listener on their own Durban Journey.

"I wanted to show the uniqueness of my own style which I would describe as more musical", Emo Kid explains, "you can feel the music when you listen but it still hits hard with that Gqom flavour." That Gqom flavour, powered by hard, fast, uncompromising drums, provides a solid core from which everything else functions.

Bright, shimmering trance synths feature on uturistic Gqom', while on nkwarini' vocalist Fawell skips over light, playful Sgubhu rhythms.

There's also space for harder, deeper cuts like round Shaker', cut with a twinkling melody line, the charging pace and power of nsimbi Yase Dubane' and the anthemic sbambeki' featuring local crew TLC Fam.

Capturing the raw, street sounds of his city, Emo Kid is the latest Durban artist to take the music global and with qomtera', put Sgubhu firmly on the map.

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