Cover of vinyl record FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE by artist ENO, BRIAN



LP - MICROPAL - - AMBIENT - In stock
€ 39,95

A song-based album, Brian’s vocals are featured on the majority of the 10 tracks, which makes it a first since 2005’s ‘Another Day On Earth’.

On FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE Brian experimented using tonal over major chord changes: “My voice has changed, it’s lowered, it’s become a different personality I can sing from. I don’t want to sing like a teenager, it can be melancholic, a bit regretful. As for writing songs again – it’s more landscapes, but this time with humans in them.”

“I like creating worlds, that’s what I do as an artist, creating sonic worlds. Now after quite a long absence of humans in those worlds I have tried putting one in and seeing how they feel in the world I’ve made.”

Brian Eno

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