Cover of vinyl record IL NE PENSE QU'A CA - 1967-1970 by artist EVARISTE


IL NE PENSE QU'A CA - 1967-1970

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Evariste's songwriting, joyful and full of energy - albeit extremely critical - shrouds an original tragedy: born in 1943 among resistance fighters, Joël Sternheimer made little reference to Jewish culture in his music, but his origins left their mark. Likely inspired by the hippie movement and music, Joël bought a guitar and starts playing on Washington Square - the same place where Bob Dylan started. His first 7" release was recorded by Michel Colombier, the arranger for Serge Gainsbourg, and Pierre Henry. Evariste recorded a number of 7" records and composed music for some plays until the early 70's. Then his career came to a halt, as critics accused him of 'mixing science with science fiction', as a way to censor his political discourse. This compilation brings together his recordings from his brief era of fame. Includes 4-page booklet with liner notes in English and French and includes download code.

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