Cover of vinyl record PUNKT. by artist FAUST



LP - BUREAU B - - KRAUTROCK - In stock
€ 28,95

After the overwhelming success of last years 1971-74 box set release, containing the first four studio albums and for
the first time ever this lost ‘last’ album recording, ‘Punkt’ gets a deserved and necessary stand alone release to the
relief of fans and collectors and the undoubted future gratification of those yet to experience the magic in these
'While working on the “lost” album which the band recorded in Munich, it became clear that I was listening to the last
ever made recordings of this band lineup. It had been their attempt to release another album, which did not happen for
several reasons. After this Munich session every band member focused on other things.So this was the end of Faust.
No further recordings, no shows. Punkt. Which means “full stop” in German and has “punk” in it as well. An attitude
which the band or at least some of the members certainly approved’. Gunther Buskies - bureau b

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