Cover of vinyl record STICKER by artist FOUR ONE & ONLY'S



LP - GREY RECORDS - - INDIE - In stock
€ 23,50

First ever Vinyl release of a CD only 1993 release by prolific Dutch indie band the Four One and Only’s crossing the borders of garage, indie, psych, folk, punk, anarchy and weirdness in a still unique way. LP comes in a gatefold sleeve with insert and gimmick sticker. Music was produced by Joseph James Foster and Stephen Parfitt in Rugby, UK. Sleeve art is b y Berend Vonk. In the liners you can read about the desastrous trip to the UK, the band destruction sleeping in a 24 hour party people house, the destruction of the master tape in the mastering facility, the disappearance of the bass-player, the CD which was mastered from a cheap copy cassett and sounded like totall shit… Breathtaking. All sounds are re-edited at Studio 195 with Patrick Delabie. Now cleared sounds show a band escaping the UK and US influences and creating a sound of their own. Indie, underground and very Dutch. In 1993 it must have been the unhippest record of they year as it stood outside everything happening those days. But now it just might fall in the right place and time. Very danceable tunes mixed with weird rhythms. Punky, garagey, folkey, psychedelic…. Songs about seals and Armageddon… A classic. 300 copies.

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