Cover of vinyl record WE SLOWLY ROT by artist FRONT DE CADEAUX



2 x LP - ANTINOTE - - ELECTRONIC - In stock
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WE SLOWLY ROT decadance manifesto future does not exist

Everything is going to be destroyed. Every act of the human being is about transformation through destruction. Even ourselves are going to die only matter survives and we really don't know anything about this process as we continously die. Our sound is the sound of destruction. The sound of the process of rot. Our music is not dance music, cretina is décadence et c'est pas la démence. Décadence et c'est pas la démence. Dance music was fun. Dance music was new. Dance music was high. Dance music became a standard. Dance music became xxxxx. Dance music became empty. Dance music is decadance et c'est pas la démence. Decadance et c'est pas la démence. we slowly rot.

we slowly rot.

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