Cover of vinyl record GARDEN ISLAND by artist GAF & THE LOVE SUPREME ARKESTRA



2 x LP - KEROXEN - - PSYCHEDELIC - In stock
€ 39,95

Spectacular mystical jazz infused psychedelics from Canary islands cult band GAF. Adopting a series of different addendums to their names (Love Supreme Arkestra, La Estrela de la Muerte, etc) to illustrate what mutation or influence they are feeding through at the time of recording, the Love Supreme Arkestra here being the more Coltrane-ish (Alice more than John) and Sun Ra-esque influenced the matic of the project. Over a series of 7 huge sounding themes, we can hear saxophones, marimbas and rhythmic sections intertwining like spiral snakes over a burning sea of lava. Recorded live over a completely improvised jam session on a sunny afternoon in the mountainous region of La Esperanza in Tenerife, the band lets rip free of any previous albums sound and instead purge themselves into a world of musical liberation by embracing the aforementioned pioneers of the genre whilst taking their surroundings as a new pillar of musical freedom.The result really shines through its 74mins of mind blowing adventurous music. A journey to the peaks of the Teide Volcano and down the valley into the blue and black volcanic coast of liberation! For fans of Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane and every single mystic brother and sister carrying the free spiritual jazz torch! Dive DEEP!

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