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LP - GONG EAR - - AMBIENT - In stock
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Following up on their recently released PERTIWI ep, featuring two original tracks and a 10 minute soundbath rework of this very record by Gonjasufi, Gamelan Voices (aka Nid & Sancy) present their first album, aptly titled 'I'.

The result is a visceral blend of raw gamelan instruments, atmosperic synths, bass guitar and washes of Asian metallophones. But not quite as you've heard it before.

Although the nine tracks on this album are meditative in nature, you'd be wrong to assume this package is little more than new age synths noodling away. 'I' is ambient with a raw component. it touches a nerve and it's as much inspired by the work of Jon Hassell as it is by Coil.

'I' was initially released thrrough the GONG EAR imprint, and available on digital,cd and vinyl. It has been re released on the iconic APOLLO RECORDS imprint ( see Aphex Twin, Locust, Robert Leiner, Model 500 and many more) as of December 2017.


'Pertiwi and Mirrors in Mountains are another addition to the slew of ambient leaning releases of recent years, but avoid falling into pastiche territories by retaining the emotiveness that many somehow lack'

'I' explores a heavily stylised, westernised take on the form, winding in aspects of doom and space rock, but taking care to keep the mood deep and contemplative. 'transcension is twilit space rock,a loping bassline the bed for murky and suspensefull chimes,while 'pertiwi' augments the ringing of heavy metallophones with thick tides of synthesiser. It can occasionally feel somewhat contrived, but when it works, such as on occult prayer 'A Cloven Gender', its certainly on the track to transcendence.'


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