Cover of vinyl record DEEP ENGLAND by artist GAZELLE TWIN & NYX



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“Here lies our ancient future, Deep England: our hope and compassion in the chokehold of power and glory.

Hand in hand, here we cry our rage: summoning a lament into the ether, a divine androgynous force, a transcendental purge of the dizzying chaos of post-truth Britain.” - Gazelle Twin & NYX

Gazelle Twin & NYX: electronic drone choir have announced details of their debut release, Deep England, an 8-track album out on vinyl, CD and digitally on 19 March 2021 via NYX Collective Records.

Rooted in English pagan and sacred music, Deep England is an electronic-choral expansion of Gazelle Twin’s 2018 album Pastoral (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray). Here, tracks from Pastoral, an album whose political themes have only intensified since its original release, are radically reworked and presented alongside original compositions by NYX, Paul Giovanni and William Blake.

Listen to ‘Fire Leap’, Gazelle Twin & NYX’s interpretation of one of the more disquieting moments from The Wicker Man soundtrack.

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