Cover of vinyl record recordings 1987-1991 vol. 1 by artist GONCHAROVA, VALENTINA


recordings 1987-1991 vol. 1

2 x LP - MUSCUT - - AVANT-GARDE - In stock
€ 39,95

Developed as an archival project for Soviet era electronics, Muscut sublabel Shukai deliver their first double LP with the home-recordings of Valentina Goncharova. Now based in Tallinn, the Kyiv born composer drew influence from the likes of Stockhausen, Xenakis and Ganelin Trio during the 1980s and experimented with marriages of electro-acoustic sound. Her homemade pickups and effects chains lend an extraordinary drone quality to amplified cello strings - minimalist classical movements, field recordings and spectral musique concrete unfolding across eleven distinct pieces. Shukai unveil a deeply personal parallel to the conservatoire background and classical repertoire of Valentina’s lifelong career in music, these recordings offering a glimpse of an artist free from academic strictures. ‘Recordings Vol. 1’ deliberates on the broader new music movement of the 20th century and highlights an overlooked innovator of the Eastern European avant-garde.

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