Cover of vinyl record FRENCH KISS by artist GONZALES, CHILLY



€ 29,95

He doesn't even have the decency to take off his slippers before he puts his foot in his mouth: ladies and gentlemen, before your astonished eyes, here is Chilly Gonzales' new artistic turn about.

The über entertainer is as well known for his intimate approach to the piano through his Solo Piano album trilogy as for his undeniable talents as a performer, distilling his showman's energy throughout the philharmonic halls of Europe. He has collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Feist, Drake, Jarvis Cocker and Daft Punk, and the anthemic power of his track Smothered Mate (from IVORY TOWER) made it the soundtrack to the victories of French national soccer team Les Bleus.

Since then, the unpredictable pianist has moved closer and closer to France, to the point of returning to live in Paris, in the heart of the Ile Saint-Louis, from where he watched Notre-Dame being consumed with a tear in his eye and a joint on his lips. Today, after several years of intense preparation consisting in feeding himself exclusively with camembert and French literature, and while waiting to be elected to his seat at the illustrious Académie Française, he will release his new album FRENCH KISS next September, 15th. This is Chilly Gonzales' first album written and performed in the language of Molière and Bangalter. The eponymous track that opens the album serves as a program: no need to master the devious specifics of the simple past to make love to France.

FRENCH KISS generously embraces Yves Montand and Virginie Despentes, Emmanuel Carrère and François Mitterrand, Makala and Debussy. To make this record, Chilly Gonzales befriended a new generation of French artists, mixing them with long-time friends and one of his heroes, to whom he cedes his place at the piano for the first time. On the album, Bonnie Banane, Juliette Armanet, Arielle Dombasle and Teki Latex rub shoulders, under the benevolent eye of Richard Clayderman.

Gonzo raps, Gonzo sings, but Gonzo is also happy to play a solo piano when the occasion lends itself to it: here he reinterprets the giants Gabriel Fauré and Michel Berger (scoop: the pianist's groupie is him), there he devotes himself to a mystical instrumental duet with Christine Ott, high priestess of the Ondes Martenot.

And what could be better than the acerbic line of Fabcaro, brilliant comic book author, novelist and scriptwriter, to illustrate the cover of this album in the form of a declaration of love? Let's suggest an interpretation: Gonzo and France, it's more than a one-night stand.

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