Cover of vinyl record GUO4 by artist GUO



LP - MUTE - - NOISEROCK - In stock
€ 20,00

Cranky-arse duo Guo make it official with their scorched debut LP ‘4’, part of a wider project including a film by pre-eminent director Peter Strickland, which recently premiered at the 76th Venice Film Festival

Alloying the atoms of singer-songwriter Daniel Blumberg and musician/writer Seymour Wright with panel-beating percussion by Crystabel Riley of Maria and The Mirrors, Guo’s first physical release is all muscle and metal knotted in asymmetric, jaggedly atonal arrangements.

Going on like the runty offspring of Wolf Eyes, early Factory Floor, and Russell Haswell, they churn up a severely delacquered sound in two sides of unrepentantly aggy drums and noise seemingly spat out into a cement mixer and tumbled until ready. 

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