Cover of vinyl record APERTURE by artist HYPH11E



2 x LP - SVBKVLT - - ELECTRONIC - In stock
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Aperture is the debut album from Hyph11E.

Holes are ontologically parasitic - they are always within something else and cannot exist in isolation. Holes accompany us throughout our lives, dilative and devoured, fillable but indispensable. On one hand, they are the driven force for evolution, on the other hand, holes are also the layer of scab that signals growth. Without tearing, cutting and gluing, we cannot create or eliminate a hole. Topologists use the number of holes to distinguish geometric objects. In the same method, in the closed circuit of Encrust and Erosion, we became idiographic individuals.

In her new album, Hyph11E guides the light to travel within and through the hole, and it becomes Aperture.

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