Cover of vinyl record PURE by artist JESUS LIZARD



LP - TOUCH & GO - - NOISEROCK - In stock
€ 21,25

the jesus lizard's touch and go era albums remastered for 2009 by steve albini and bob weston. the heavyweight virgin lps are packaged in deluxe gatefold album jackets with 12" x24" double sided colour inserts. the vinyl formats include a digital download coupon for the entire lp. the 'pure' ep was the first ever record by the jesus lizard. 'pure' reveals an opening bone-crushing trifecta - 'blockbuster', 'bloody mary' and 'rabid pigs', which became classics in the jesus lizard's cannon, featuring some of the band's most endearing characteristics: duane denison's guitar frenzy, david yow's garbled vocal hysterics and david wm sims' uncanny precision on bass.

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