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‘Trugschluss’ is the strong sequel to the much-acclaimed debut album 'Barkas' (2020) by Belgian instrumental trio Kameel. The new songs sound angry, sharp, menacing, crooked and angular ('Von Grund auf am Zweig', 'Trugschluss', 'Black Bag'), sometimes hauntingly beautiful ('Charlie Tango', 'Big L .'), or even infectiously danceable! (‘Tonny’, ‘Showgun’). Kameel plays music without compromises but with lots of humor.
Album title 'Trugschluss' is a musical term which is used to define 'unexpected turns within a composition', which is trademark Kameel. At the same time the album title refers to the troubled, constantly changing life during the pandemic, when the album was written and recorded.

Belgian composer/musician/producer Dijf Sanders is responsible for the 'in your face' production and mix. Whereas the instrumentation on debut album ‘Barkas’ was limited to guitar, bass and drums, it’s now expanded considerably with organ, synths, double bass, cello, strings, autoharp, field recordings and -if you listen carefully- even some vocals.
The cover photo is made by art photographer Karel Fonteyne, renowned fashion photographer in the 1980s and 1990s.

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