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Barely a year after Fall Off The Apex, Belgian kraut/noise duo LA JUNGLE will release its fifth studio album on 10th June 2022. Ephemeral Feast will be released on the Australian label Stock Records, a new accomplice for this release, joining the various European labels that have accompanied the band for several years: Black Basset Records, À Tant Rêver du Roi Records and Rockerill Records. This new release will be available on CD, vinyl (double LP) and digital.

Born in the heart of successive lockdowns, Ephemeral Feast is isolated from the band’s usual tours and parties and proves far-fetched from the promiscuity that the group usually likes to develop with its audience. Jim and Roxie composed it in the spring of 2020 at Rockerill in Charleroi (Belgium), their only base during the weeks and months of the pandemic. Ten new titles - proving colder and clearly less festive than their usual output - are bundled here to create an atmosphere that can only be described as far from pleasant. This time LA JUNGLE uses chilling sounds and leaves aside its dancing gimmicks to make space for the fears and anxieties transcending its existence.

As it did for Fall Off The Apex, the band entrusted its new compositions to its friend and sidekick Hugo-Alexandre Pernot, a sound engineer and producer who used to work at the famous (but now disappeared) Davout Studios in Paris. Together, they returned for recording to the Opus Grestain studio near Honfleur in the spring of 2021, in a lost corner of green paradise located a stone's throw away from the Pont de Normandie.

Inhabited by a need to describe both our declining society and a world that looks more and more doomed, Jim and Roxie have given their new album a rather pessimistic and anxiety-inducing tone, which reflects a time when mankind looks bound to disappear. Ephemeral Feast paints the portrait of an outrageous banquet that is coming to an end. It evokes a feast during which humanity would have gone too far and shamelessly enjoyed the necessarily limited resources that its host Earth lavished on it. From now on, at the slightest shock, the statue of Mother Nature – as it appears on the album cover – could well collapse once and for all.

The album artwork – Peeble Lady – is the work of U.S. illustrator Gideon Chase (Us) with whom the group has collaborated from its very beginnings.

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