Cover of vinyl record STILL ANGRY STILL HUNGRY by artist LES THUGS



LP - KOOWOOD - - PUNK - In stock
€ 20,50

"There have always been great French underground Rock'n'roll bands, but Les Thugs are the first to attract serious attention abroad, a significant miraculous breakthrough. Electric Troubles, their 1987 mini-LP debut gave a warning : a work of brute force, it evoked some sort of primitive revision of r'n'r verve roots. Still Hangry, their first full album finds Les Thugs still inspired, if slightly less monstrous with it. The Thugs' unholy trinity of ghostly, soaring backing vocals, rabid guitars and a backbeat born of bastardized Sun rockabilly sides is gloriously intact, but there is a certain restraint evident that is not displeasing, only surprising. Comparisons are few on the ground; Les Thugs are genuinely unique." — Sounds (uk) 

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