Cover of vinyl record PLAFOND 5 by artist MCPHERSON, ZOE & CLERVAUX, RUPERT



12 inch - BAKK - - AMBIENT - In stock
€ 16,50

Radically shapeshifting and surrealist, as spinning sonic prisms taunting the ears, ‘Cercle Vicieux’ and ‘Cercle Vertueux’ channel Fluxus artistry, straying past jazz-licked drones, avalanching low end and blood red scatting. Scenes both condescending and anxious — this release is carried by its interwoven conflicts, where strange attractors reveal knots at each listen.

The fifth Plafond is a special joint project tying the synchronicity of two contemporary minds. Both Zoë Mc Pherson and Rupert Clervaux are known to actively transgress art forms, reconstituting production methods through respective audiovisual and literary pursuits. The listener is relocated in their musical interzone, bordered by avant-garde experimentalism on one side, and bass-heavy club mutations on the other. This ambiguation lays out a gateway, one through which modern producers can re-adopt the revolutionary energy of those who unraveled conventions on music and sound in the first place — a ‘Cercle Vertueux’, indeed.

Comes in a hand printed sleeve with multiple tints grey and silver, including an Obi-strip, by the BAKK Interzone Alcazar.

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