Cover of vinyl record IN BLOOM by artist MILAN W.



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Generative music seems to imply a systems
approach to music, or a system that once
created can utilise randomness in a creative
way. The benevolence of nature’s creativity
belies this musical term, and can flip the word
‘generative’ to mean to involve constantly
flowing creativity with purpose. In Europe
there was a time in the Pagan Renaissance
when architecture would mirror nature’s
generative quality. Sculptures and columns
were to imply animation or movement.
That’s where Milan W.’s album comes
through in 2020. His music involves the
night shadows of Europe’s architecture
and its growth. In Bloom personifies itself
by showing Antwerp’s influential ‘Night Play’:
a term that can relate to many European
cities such as Bologna, Vienna, and so on
and so on. The leftovers of Renaissance
and gothic architecture are everywhere in
Europe still; layers of ruins that can generate
the impression of simultaneous time periods.
Tracks like Spa and Helium Queen reveal
and revel in the power of shadow movement
that is generated by the night. In Milan W.’s
past works, the poignant and simple creative
play of dark wave and synth beat music was
his vehicle for expression, but now on
In Bloom he departs to a touching sidereal
impressionism allied with Coil’s instrumental
pieces on Horse Rotorvator — an album
whose cover portrays the potential powers
of the pavilion just as Milan W. is portraying
the generative soul and alienation of Europe’s
‘Night Play’. Because of In Bloom we can
come to believe that there is a secretive
energy in alienation, a playfulness that is
alight at Night.

[Text: Spencer Clark] 

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