Cover of vinyl record GEOMATRIA PROHIBIDA by artist MINIATURA



€ 29,50

Melancholic energy blast from Gran Canaria’s cult trio, MINIATURa, helmed by Eduardo Briganty.

Formed in Las Palmas in 2007 and with three records under their belt, Music Box (2007), La Huida Concéntrica (2012) and Estrategias de Perdición (2015) the trio now unleashes its fourth album with a distillation of Briganty's musical and artistic references, coming like a cross of concept album and an unintentional imaginary soundtrack to a David Lynch flick – an island version of a depressed or irate David Lynch.

Featuring deep rock workouts to somnambulant ballads, Geometría Prohibida (Keroxen, 2021) presents itself like a statement from the band, a crystallization of the bands intentions with a concise and precise 26mins of masterfully produced music showcasing the kind of restrain you’d expect from past giants like Joy Division, Neu! or Scott Walker.

The hallmarks of krautrock and shoegazing/dream pop haunt this record like a benevolent force, another unique reference of music made through an insular lens of remoteness that Keroxen drives to showcase to the world.

MORE unobvious Island music to the outer world.

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