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Yes! It’s true! Mitraille recorded 10 new songs and rerecorded one old one (the killer “White pants” of their first ep) for your pleasure(?). Two of them grew mullets to really get into the spirit of things, the other one got confused and grew the hair before his eyes and he still is the smartest of the bunch if you can believe it. Now you might think “Mullets? Isn’t that very hipster punk? You know like Amyl & The Sniffers or Idles or one of those other poseur bands?” but you would be wrong, fortunately. These guys grew their mullets to pay tribute to inbred Kempen* culture and the Australian sharpies. They even got a real Australian to guest on the record, the great Brendan Chivers (Roda Lits, Brick Windows) who tells a tale about chickens. Other songs are about I don’t know really but they’re great to yell along too and vent some frustrations. The music is still the same mix of garage, punk, hardcore and random noise Mitraille is known for but faster, louder and catchier than before. We hope you like it! Enjoy!

*Kempen is a part of Belgium famous for it’s silence and where everybody is “related” to each other

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