Cover of vinyl record Live at Exploded View by artist MYRRORS


Live at Exploded View

€ 32,95

This half hour improvisation was recorded live at Exploded View Microcinema on occupied Tohono O'odham land on April 1st, 2015 around the time that our album Arena Negra was released. This was a short lived live lineup of the band that was nonetheless incredibly active over the course of that year, and was that which also performed for the band's one (technically frustrated) appearance at Austin's now famous Levitation Festival.


"Cardinal Fuzz and Centripetal Force Records are pleased to present to you – The Myrrors – At Exploded View (Tucson, Arizona). This spellbinding recording captures The Myrrors, advocates / defenders of DIY/counter culture at their finest and most transcendental.

Exploded Sound is a chemical reaction between two basic elements: rock'n'roll and the Avant Garde. Inspired by Terry Riley’s repetitive, long-form minimalism, the group’s extended, open-ended playing carries the spirit of Riley’s “all-night flights”, here The Myrrors sound just as expansive, indeterminant, and mind-blowing - confident enough not to force epiphanies and trusting that euphoria will grow. The communal nature of the playing also recalls Father Yod’s primitive psych-rock pioneers YaHoWha 13. The latter’s delirious 3am trips share an aura with The Myrrors in the playing of raw, ritualistic and seemingly-possessed musicians caught in the flow of the moment they are creating.

One crucial difference between Myrrors and YaHoWha 13, is their leaderless nature. With no particular member in charge, their music has a refreshing lack of ego; it feels like the only thing steering the ship is the momentum created by playing together, as all the sounds created coalesce into a single moment where linear time dissolves into the electrified bliss of the band’s excursions into psychedelic minimalism.

With Exploded Sound you get to hear The Myrrors stripped down minimalism and repetition unite and fuse into the most deadly musical combination of guitars, bass drums/percussion and viola."

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