Cover of vinyl record NO BORDEERS by artist NEEDLE AND THE PAIN REACT



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No Borders" is the band's sixth album. The album explores the theme of breaking down barriers and limitations that oppress and divide us while paying tribute to those who fight for their rights and ideals. It showcases the band's heaviest and most dynamic sound yet, combining distorted guitars, pounding drums, and dynamic vocals.

With "No Borders," Needle And The Pain Reaction breaks musical boundaries and defies genre constraints. The album promises a diverse soundscape, seamlessly blending influences from punk, grunge, alternative, and indie into an electrifying fusion that's uniquely their own.

All the tracks are live recorded & mixed by Geert Vanbever @ CC Gravenhof, Hoboken (B) & Ghosttown Studio. Mastered by Uwe Teichert @ Elektropolis, Belgium

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