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€ 22,50 (USA) Oct 2022 My love of duos is well known. Bands like the HUSSY, the COURETTES, the GOOCH PALMS, the MAXINES, and now the NEW BRUTARIANS are among my favorites. It’s probably not coincidental that all of those bands also feature one male member and one female member. If you took the energy of 1977 punk and focused it into more of a pop theme, you might get something like this Hysteria LP. The band they remind me of the most is the HEARTBREAKERS. It’s super catchy and mid-tempo and melodic, but also has a garage element to it. While it’s got its more traditional punk moments, at its core, I’d call this pop music, but it’s got an authenticity rarely found in pop. They even throw in an acoustic number. It’s fun to listen to pop music played by folks who grew up on punk, as opposed to pop music played by folks who grew up on Top 40 radio. Just a different thing entirely. (KK) (USA) July 2022 After much, much, much delay, the New Brutarians finally have their debut LP out into the world! Out now on the illustrious Alien Snatch Records, Hysteria is every bit the lo-fi glam-pop proto-punk rock and roll masterpiece I was hoping for from this Sunshine State duo comprised of Adam Turkel (vocals, guitar, bass, and keys) and Christina Wright (drums and vocals). It has been two and a half years since I first wrote about this band -- although it feels like much longer given what's been happening in the world over that time! Hysteria is full of scrappy pop songs crafted under the influence of glam rock, pop art, and early punk rock. If you love Johnny Thunders, Television, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Nikki Sudden, the Only Ones, and '70s Stones, you've just found your new favorite band. Hysteria includes some of the New Brutarians' stellar singles from the last couple years such as "A Little Hit of You," "(Rock Me) I'm A Dadaist" (easily the greatest song title of all-time), the truly marvelous "New Muse," and the COVID anthem "Living In Isolation." The half of the album I had not heard before proves to be every bit as formidable. "16 Savior" is nothing short of pop perfection. The Velvets-inspired "The Prettiest Girls (Sing the Saddest Songs)" is the first New Brutarians song to feature Christina Wright on lead vocals -- and hopefully not the last! "I Know Where Richey Edwards Lives" and "Stop! In the Name of Art" (featuring Treasure Island) are classic shots of '77 glam-punk. "Butterfly" is something we rarely hear these days: a really great old school punk rock ballad. Recorded by Adam Turkel, Billy Summer, and Gino Gambino in the midst of the great pandemic, Hysteria arrives triumphantly in the summer of 2022. It was recorded in dark, desperate times, and its release was delayed for over a year by bottlenecks at pressing plants. The fact that you can now hold this vinyl record in your hands seems like great cause for celebration. Together, Adam and Christina make music that affirms anew the healing power of rock and roll. Their influences, while obvious, are absorbed and interpreted with a style and personality that are uniquely theirs. Hysteria's existence on vinyl enables it to be enjoyed the old-fashioned way: you can drop the needle on the vinyl, relax, and read the lyric sheet as you fully experience each song. If this album proves anything, it's that Adam T is not just a tremendous pop artist and righteous screamer but also one of his generation's true punk rock poets. Hysteria is limited to 500 copies. Don't miss one of the year's best LPs!. (Josh Rutlegde) (US) July 2022 punk rock n roll...garage power pop...whatever you coin it, count me in when Alien Snatch is dealing the deck, another essential listen from this Berlin label, debut LP by The New Brutarians, Adam Turkel (guitar/vocals) and Christina Wright (drums/vocals) from Saint Petersburg (Florida), stripped down and even jangle reflective at times, shots of Memphis punk with hints of Trout and Crook, a shot of the Stones and a shot of The Rats mixed with 1970s underground rock and garage pop, brought into the garage like a six-banger brought down to powerplant and primer, stripped down and tuned up for summertime like a couple of kids in a Mopar Slant-Six powered Valiant headed to bottle-cap beach with a half pack of smokes and everything life has to offer, the bad, the odd and the wonderful, the windows cranked down and the tape deck cranked up, the hiss of release and crackle of the brown bag as you twist off the top of the ice-cold malt liquor, the mix of vocals of Christina and Adam resonating with the delivery, throats washed with glass bottles of Grape Crush and wooden-barrel sour mash, certain and unsure as youth, a mix of kicks and troublesome, sounding like it's going on right now in the heat of the summertime but often injected with the melancholy that comes with memories, like in the autumn and springtime looking forward and looking back, apparently filled with singles from the previous few years but to me recalling a collection of stories in a paperback, brought out of the pages and electrocuted back to life with the power of punk rock and rock and roll. (MW) July 2022 Here is a debut LP by a band that’s been teasing and increasing curiosity since early 2020: Hysteria by The New Brutarians – featuring Adam Turkel (guitar) and Christina Wright (drums) from Saint Petersburg (Florida). For those of you who associate Hysteria with a certain record that’s sold over 20 million copies, don’t worry. The primary similarity between The New Brutarians and Def Leppard is that both bands have a glammy side. But The New Brutarians are lo-fi, straight from the garage, delightfully ramshackle, and have a drummer with a smaller drum kit but more arms. Their sound is more ’70s New York proto punk than ’80s L.A./UK hairspray. If you’ve been keeping tag of this band, you’ll recognize a lot of the songs on Hysteria, since most have been released as digital singles. I don’t mind at all, although I would have liked the band’s brutal version of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way made the tracklist. Their version of Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man did make the cut though. 

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