Cover of vinyl record BEJA POWER! Electric Soul & Brass from Sudan's Red Sea Coast by artist NOORI & HIS DORPA BAND


BEJA POWER! Electric Soul & Brass from Sudan's Red Sea Coast

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"Tambo Guitar fire from the Red Sea Coast"
— Uncut Magazine

“Glossy, easy desert blues, just brilliant”
— BBC Late Junction

"Very special sounds"
— HHV Magazine

"“A hypnotic feel to the swirling guitar music...and it swings too.”
— Morning Star

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A soundtrack of Sudan's revolution and the first ever international release of the Beja sound, performed by Noori and his Dorpa Band, an unheard outfit from Port Sudan, a city on the Red Sea coast in eastern Sudan and the heart of Beja culture.

Electric soul, blues, jazz, rock, surf, even hints of country, speak fluently to styles and chords that could be Tuareg, Ethiopian, Peruvian or Thai—all grounded by hypnotic Sudanese grooves, Naji's impeccable, haunting tenor sax, and of course, Noori's tambo-guitar, a self-made unique hybrid of an electric guitar and an electric tambour, a four-string instrument found across East Africa.

A truly ancient community, Beja trace their ancestry back millennia. Some say they are among the living descendants of Ancient Egypt and the Kingdom of Kush. Beja melodies—nostalgic, hopeful and sweet, ambiguous and honest—are thousands of years old.

The Beja community has been on the forefront of political change in Sudan for decades because successive Sudanese governments have turned a blind eye to their calls for recognition and access to the gold wealth of their own soil. Noori believes an unleashing of Beja music would form the most potent act of resistance in their quest for equity and justice.

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