Cover of vinyl record An Eternal Reminder Of Not Today / Live At Moers by artist OXBOW & BROTZMANN, PETER


An Eternal Reminder Of Not Today / Live At Moers

2 x LP - TROST - - JAZZ - In stock
€ 35,95

Apocalyptic blues caterwaul for the last saloon on earth, by the almighty pairing of Oxbow and the beast from Wuppertal

‘An Eternal Reminder Of Not Today’ was recorded live at Germany’s free jazz-rooted Moers Festival, replete with crowd noise appreciation for the powerful upfront fusion of Eugene Robinson’s bellow and Brötzmann’s howling sax. From whiskey-soaked opener ‘Angel’ thru the crushing tristesse and torment evoked by ‘The Valley’, the melded units veer between exclamatory free jazz noise rock on ‘Cat and Mouse’, and lurching metal on ‘A Gentleman’s Gentleman’, with a searing peak of yoked-back blues in ‘Over’ and something like early Sleep or Earth-tempo radical blues in the molasses wade of ‘The Finished Line.’ No doubt they’re seriously putting some back into it here, living up to respective, fearsome reputations for live performance.

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