Cover of vinyl record BEWARE OF PENZA PENZA by artist PENZA PENZA



€ 24,95

That's a pretty crazy cover on the front – one that makes you think that Penza Penza might end up sounding like The Shaggs – but the group are every bit as funky as everything else we've heard from producer Misha Panfilov – which is really saying a lot! There's plenty of nice spacey touches around the heavy drums – of the sort we love from Misha's work in the studio – but the group also wail a bit more on guitar, too – soloing as much as using the instrument for riffing rhythm – and creating some really trippy sounds that send the whole thing over the top! Plenty of fuzz and funk throughout – on titles that include "Saw Sharp Eyebrows", "The Band Is Here", "Schultz Thing", "Why Do We Care About Anything", "Fiasco", "Skinny Svetlana", and "Our Man In Chicago".
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Raw psychedelic guitar damage from Estonia. This is going down as one of my fave LPs of 2020 no doubt! Not much info on Penza Penza other than that the prolific Misha Panfilov produced the record...I'm hearing shades of ZAMROCK (Ngozi Family Band and Amanaz especially!) with a little added instrumentation that shows influence from the almighty William Onyeabor. Shit, if you're a fan of There's a Riot Goin' On-era Sly and the Family Stone or Eddie Hazel's more exploratory moments in Funkadelic (or great solo LP), you're gonna want to line up for this as well. Any other Dennis Coffey Goin' for Myself fans out there? Better listen up. A real fuckin' good one to get baked and zone with. Thank you Penza Penza for this real deal raw blast of tunes. Immaculate!!!

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