Cover of vinyl record RAYHANA -EP- by artist PLOY



12 inch - DEAF - - ELECTRONIC - In stock
€ 20,00

Ploy returns to release the first EP own his own new label Deaf Test.

‘Rayhana’ EP is a departure from the cerebral, industrial deep dive of his debut album ‘Unlit Signals’, and now draws from wider influences, twisting Baile funk, broken beat and hi-tech bass music into floor-focussed, sinewy new shapes.

Guaranteed to cause jubilant carnage wherever heard, the heavy artillery of title track ‘Rayhana’ is a vocal led, rumbling rhythmic monster with chest-pummelling low end, neck-snapping metallic claps and razor-sharp hats.

Almost a deeper dub of its predecessor, ‘Dark Lavis’ is an instrumental tension builder, where mangled eastern elements whip up a head spinning vortex that’s carried by behemoth bass and stuttering, swung beats, which take you deep inside the ride.

Based around the UK broken sound, with a touch of dancehall, on ‘5G Bats’ Ploy slows things down but ups the energy, with double-time breaks, stroboscopic samples, machine gun like flickers and all manner of stretched, wavey tones.

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