Cover of vinyl record LET'S DRINK THE SEA AND dance by artist POOR ISA



LP - ASPEN - - AVANT-GARDE - In stock
€ 25,00

Frederik Leroux: banjo, woodblocks, voice, thunderdrums
Ruben Machtelinckx: banjo, woodblocks, voice

Aspen Edities introduces a new duo project by guitar brothers Frederik Leroux and Ruben Machtelinckx in which banjo and woodblocks share the main part. The duo has already collaborated in the past (... Aspen 007, When The Shade Is Stretched, one of our favourite picks of 2018...) and this time they came up with a new name to officially baptize their project, Poor Isa. It looks like the latest Aspen Edities releases share an inspiration for the deep blue and Let's Drink the Sea and Dance makes no exception. The compositions on the album are minimal and dense at the same time, and during certain passages the woodblocks seem to mimick the rolling of an isolated boat off the coast. This is for sure another winner for the couple of young experimentalists, who already proved their talent and don't fail to keep on getting better with each release.

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