Cover of vinyl record No More b​/​w It's Not Easy by artist PROTRUDERS


No More b​/​w It's Not Easy

7 inch - GOODBYE BOOZY - - PUNK - In stock
€ 8,50

Come to think of it, Goodbye Boozy was decades ahead of the curve, releasing bare-bones punk 45s (mostly all one-sided) in pressings of 250 copies or so (which seemed so tiny back then and seems fairly optimistic now). I don’t always connect with the Goodbye Boozy roster (not sure I ever need to hear a band called “Thee Almighty Handclaps”, for example), but when they’re right, they’re right, and this new one from Toronto’s Protruders is pretty glorious. “No More” is top-shelf spazz-punk, like a garage-y Neos in a hurry to finish the song before their parents flicker the basement lights. It darts in and out nicely, with neurotic rapid-fire vocals in perfect form and a guitar anti-solo for at least half the song. They change it up significantly with “It’s Not Easy”, which is pure Max’s Kansas City swagger, like a forgotten Richard Hell & The Voidoids track that blatantly, mockingly rips The Rolling Stones. Can’t decide which tune I prefer, as they’re both so different and both so good. Long may they protrude!

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