Cover of vinyl record DEMO 2018 by artist PURO ODIO


DEMO 2018

12 inch - CARGO UK - - PUNK - In stock
€ 23,75

Degenerate nihilistic punk commando Puro Odio seal an unholy pact with Sentient Ruin to reissue their incendiary 2018 debut demo on 10" vinyl and cassette tape, making it available for the first time ever on analog physical formats in North America. On the verminous and heinous demo the Basque raw punk terrorists first came together as a rogue entity of total barbarism and inhumanity, glorifying cruelty, violence and sadism at their most gratuitous and senseless stages through six primordial stabs of complete hatred and perversion. Firmly rooted in the proudest and fiercest tradition of raw punk and hardcore, Oi!, crust and d-beat, what sets Puro Odio apart from their far less controversial and harmless peers is their unique and sophisticated visual aesthetic and their meticulous yet unsettling sound blending nefarious black metal-like vocals, violent lyrics, barbaric d-beats and a meat grinder of unrelenting chainsawing guitars - a proud exercise in sonic atavism that has yielded a blood-drenched hardcore punk twilight of total darkness and bestiality. With an overall sound reminiscent of celebrated punk/metal plunderers like GISM, Bone Awl, Hellhammer, Von, Gag, and Glue, the eleven-minute demo has established Puro Odio as an unforgiving beacon of violence and immorality within underground punk and as a perverted sonic exaltation of humanity's most negative and repulsive traits.

After the amazing demo was first self-released in 2018 on cassette by the band, it was then released in Europe on black 12" single sided vinyl by Spanish punk label Mendeku Diskak with altered artwork before being officially reissued in 2020 in North America by Sentient Ruin again featuring the original self-release artwork. 

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