Cover of vinyl record GET ON YOUR KNEES by artist REVEREND BEAT-MAN



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In 1999 transformed from a Wrestling Rock'n'Roll Super Trash Hero into a Blues Trash Preaching Reverend normally Performing as a One Man Band but on that album ( 2001) Backed up with non others than: Gerry Mohr and Robert Butler ( the Miracle Workers, the Get Lost) Janosh ( the Monsters ) and Gringo Starr ( the Jackets, the Never Heard Of Ems) and Recorded in London’s fabulous Toe Rag Studios (at that time copletly unknown) together with Liam Watson 13 Songs that makes you Balls freeze and your Liver Quiver, REVEREND BEAT-MAN is the Swiss head honcho of Voodoo Rhythm Records and has led that country’s premiere garage band, The Monsters, since the mid 80's. He is currently in receipt of religion, living life as a primitive gospel blues trash evangelist , on that Album you will here a Full Blast Explosion and Mixture of GOSPEL , TRASH and BLUES in the RAWEST FORM EVER !!! 'get on your knees' is a Howling wolf Inspired Song that guides you on your favourite position in Live, 'HOW FAR CAN YOU GO' is not a question ,its a mission, this song can go up to 20 minutes in a live version, here we get a album version :) anyway if you are addicted to the RURAL PUREST EVER PLAYED BLUES AND GOSPEL then that's your adress and the Reverend Will guide you trou the Gates in hell direct into the Orbit of Trash and Love

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