Cover of vinyl record Coalescence Of Time: Other Conjectures On Future by artist SIGILLUM S


Coalescence Of Time: Other Conjectures On Future

€ 23,50

Thirty-five years since formation, Sigillum S have been further developing their fascination for huge scale temporal events, dealing with extreme sensorial mutation as interpretative key for epochal changes in culture fabric: with a current line-up where the original founders, Eraldo Bernocchi and Paolo L. Bandera, are now permanently augmented by Bruno Dorella, they have created a telluric amalgam of endless electronic layers, spiked with absurdist melodies and punishing wavelengths... this is framed by a strongly irregular, but still heavily hypnotic, rhythm structure, leaving space for sudden eruptions of sidereal noises and words from secretive incantations.
In a way, many references from the Sigillum S past (occultist atmospheres, dystopian sci-fi movie soundtracks, super deep bass foundations, disturbing exoticism) seem to lurk in the shadows to contribute to a fully contemporary work, rich in profound sensations and conceptual assault... a true post-industrial mirror of this unsettling period and an inebriating platform for societies to come. The artwork for this fully-fledged edition has been completely re-engineered by Petulia Mattioli, together with dedicated mastering by Eraldo Bernocchi. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl.

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