Cover of vinyl record WIGWAM by artist SIGNS OF THE SILHOUETTE



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Wigwam is the new Signs of the Silhouette project which presents us an exploration of a new phenomenological aesthetics 
based in a contained potency of sound and ambiance featuring the guitar of Acid Mother Temple Makoto Kawabata 

The name and entourage of the album is illustrated and haunted by the 1955 underwater nuclear tests in the Pacific : Operation Wigwam. A nuclear cargo called "Betty"was detonated 1000 meter deep 
( furthest deep underwater of a nuclear detonation). 
The main objective of these tests was to study the radiation and dettonation shockwave effects in submarines. 
Also the same word "Wigwam" is originally a traditional Indian construction used for ritualistic and religious proposes. In both cases the concept of a closed space is present. 
The contained sound accompanied with sintethized 
radar and sonar sounds in Pressure Time Field 
provides a cold war age landscape scenario 
In Waverider the molding of sound waves references the massive and titanic water plumes thrown into the air by the shockwave with an all present distortion that pours the air as radiation. 
In Cage a claustrophobic and a blind hermetically sealed interior atmosphere is experienced with 
"a something is happening outside "sensation. 
Iron plaques roar and echo against each other 
battling pressure and density immersed 
within the registration of the instruments. 
Physics takes us to a world of formulas and sound equations derived from the minds who witnessed the experience. 
A boiling sea at reverbes in a profound ocean from the heat of a Deep Sun 
A echo image of radiation Spectre with infinite graphics and registration is imagined in Spectroscopy. These are the images of the new work o SOTS. -A band in search of it's phenomenological existence 
Founded in 2012 by Jorge Nuno ( guitar) João Paulo Entrezede and Miguel Cravo (conceptual art and vídeo projections visuals) the band as now a new member -André Calvário (bass). Signs of the Silhouette translates ontological ambiances into a paraphernalia of psychedelia, trance drone distortion and clean rock n roll meditation. In concert Signs present a sound fusion trip white trio that transcends its concept becoming a immersed canvas for the a methavisual VJ show by the returned original Miguel Cravo. 

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