Cover of vinyl record SPIRITS REJOICE! by artist MOHOLO, LOUIS -OCTET-



LP - OTOROKU - - JAZZ - In stock
€ 26,75

First vinyl reissue of one of the most legendary free jazz records ever produced. Originally released in 1978 on Ogun Recordings, Louis Moholo Octet's 'Spirits Rejoice!' is a high achievement in the movement of the era as it soars beyond oppression with a raucous and spiritually uplifting surge of movement and melody. Featuring Harry Miller, Johnny Dyani, Keith Tippett, Evan Parker, Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti and Kenny Wheeler, this is former Blue Note artist Louis Moholo's first album under his own name and is a classic example of the cross-pollination between South African and British players. Mongezi Feza's 'You Ain't Gonna Know Me Cos You Think You Know Me' alone is enough to make your life a better place.

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