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STADT is the musical concoction of Fulco Ottervanger (FULCO, Beraadgeslagen, De Beren Gieren), Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren, MDC III, Black Flower), Joris Cool and Frederik Segers (PJDS, Roland van Campenhout). Since 2013, the band released three full albums, each of which fell under the heading of 'krautpop'. This time, they are doing something different.

For their fourth full-length album 'Meerstadt', the band headed for a cosy Dutch seaside town without any plan. The living room overlooking the sea was transformed into a recording studio. Animated by the rise and fall of the waves and their own tunings, they created a new musical world in just a few days. Improvisations were given plenty of time and space to unfurl into characterful songs.

STADT means having faith in each other, resulting in a balanced, melodic and repetitive outing that immerses you in a limitless under(water) world in no time. Letting go turns out to be the best remedy against the power of the waves and the wind. Land in sight, more STADT insight.

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